Saturday, 29 March 2014


I am so happy to keep discovering new Spanish bands that are incredible good although they do not sound really Spanish; mainly because they sing in English! They are a mix of great soul with talented musicians and voices, just listen and think for yourselves.

Definitely the soul is back!

Sunday, 16 February 2014


I have always been a bigger fan of movies than documentaries mainly because I am always more interested in the representation of reality than the reality itself.

The old way of doing documentaries just based on interviews and facts always left me a bit empty but I really believe there is a new approach for this genre. Recently I have been watching quite a lot of documentaries which, in my opinion, are taking a new dimension showing to the audience a real story using techniques based on films.

Although I am still not sure if the directors are taking a new step on documentaries or the reality is becoming more unreal? Reading the news nowadays it really feels like the reality is produced by Hollywood!

I leave you with a bunch of documentaries which are worthy to watch:

-"Searching for sugar Man" - I already mentioned about “Searching  ForSugar Man”  in a previous post- I strongly recommend everyone to watch it; the story and the way the director takes you through it is just stunning. If by any chance you have lost hope, please watch it!

Sunday, 26 January 2014


When you think everything related to art has been invented, Alexa Meade arrives and gives a new dimension to painting. This emerging artist has created an innovative approach to art; she has changed the canvas for real objects and people. To understand Alexa Meade’s art you just need to have a look. Enjoy!

Saturday, 30 November 2013


The voice of a music band is an essential part of the group giving a unique personality to it. Although I am always been aware that the voice is just one instrument more of the band, it is the only one which carries words with it. The voice of a band gives a message to the public and uses their own tone and unique style.

I have been listening to male voices bands for many years; great bands with really talented lead singer or songwriters.  But not long ago I started to listen female voices bands a lot, I think it was after I discovered Amy Winehouse who for me was not only a great musician, she brought back quality music from the past like for example soul. She left the door opens for many others new artists. It seems that female voices have resurrected on music and I seriously cannot stop listening to them.

Here I left a list of some of them, just great!

IMELDA MAY: pure rockabilly

This guys are form Barcelona, they sound soooo good!

VALERIE JUNE:  my lastest discovery

THE SWEET VANDALS: a bit of funky


Thursday, 24 October 2013


Having a look to the long queues of “The festival of The cinema” gave me hope. People still wants to enjoy movies at the cinema. The tickets were only 2.90 Euros which explains that is all about money, not lack of enjoying art. Maybe if the distribution companies have thought about this earlier not so many cinemas would have been closed all around Spain.

There are books at different prices, DVDs, theatre tickets and many other things... so why all cinema tickets have the same price? Of course if you are going on a Wednesday morning it will be cheaper than Saturday night. But why movies with different budgets cost the same for us? Going to see The Hobbit costs the same money that going to see Amour, for example; when the budget of the super production is always going to be higher than a small movie. And I will bet anything than increasing the tickets two or three pounds/euros for The Hobbit will not change much the benefits they will gain; on the other hand, small films will notice a big difference if they are a bit cheaper. I am talking about to give people(audience) and small movies options and opportunities.

Some people would think that if you are going to see a cheap movie means is bad; but here comes one of the main problems about values nowadays: quality is measured on quantity. In my opinion it should not be like that, at least with cinema. Not because it costs more would be better!

Saturday, 28 September 2013


For some strange reason in life, I was able to see a boxing competition live. To tell you the truth I did not enjoy anything of it but a short film they play to present the boxers. The movie was really well done; the editing, light and soundtrack were just great. Make me wonder why this violent sport looks so good on the screen.

I have always enjoyed most of the movies about boxing; aesthetically speaking they are just amazing. The scenes of fights have always been strongly visual and beautifully shot. In addition, most of their main character's personality and life goes perfectly with the way they earn their living. 
Here I leave you with some examples of the most recommendable and famous films about boxing:

Finally just to say I strongly recommend you to go to see boxing in cinemas; in my opinion it is far more enjoyable experience than seeing it live.

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Man Ray was one of those American artists who move to Paris in the early twenties to find inspiration and different ways of expression. Shortly he became part of the Dada movement where the surrealism and modernism was merged with photography.

He is well known for his portraits of many artists like Gertrude Stein, Picasso or Breton. He also took photographies of his lovers, muses and wives; he loved the shape of women’s body. Kiki de Montparnasse or Lee Miller were some of his models.

If you live in Edinburgh and want to see his photography, you still have time. The exhibition ends next week, so hurry up. If you are going, pay attention to his portraits their models never smile but their eyes mean worth a thousand words.